Ms. FENG Yingzun 冯迎尊

Thanks for introducing UWAI to me, I don’t have to queue up to do tax refund any more. Australia is such a slow-paced, relaxed country. Thanks to the weather condition,… Continue reading >

UWAI User (Sarah*)

“Huge thanks to UWAI’s Stuart and his family, they gave us lots of useful local tips! I’ll send you my travel notes when I finished them, next time when I… Continue reading >

UWAI User (Nicole*)

In Australia, no matter how far or how rural it is, toilets are always clean, and there is always toilet paper. I think the reason is people here have good… Continue reading >

UWAI User (Michelle*)

Thanks for the free SIM card and recharge! It is so helpful and I will definitely recommend UWAI to my visiting friends. Will check out UWAI in Rundle Mall next… Continue reading >

Bring on the Christmas cheer!

Festivals in any culture, with the music, colours, traditions and festival food are a wonderful way of bringing families together, keeping communities united and maintaining one’s sense of identity. It’s great… Continue reading >

UWAI User (Emma*)

“Thanks for the SIM card, I could access internet for online translation when I’m outside.” “感谢你们提供的SIM卡,让我 出门的时候可以用翻译软件” Emma is a single mother and freelance writer from Guangxi province, China. This… Continue reading >

UWAI User (Jessica*)

I am very interested in trying distinct Australian food, but because of the lack of information on ‘Dianping’, UWAI became a super helpful tool to use and very convenient, I… Continue reading >

UWAI User (Joanna*)

I do schedule health check-ups when I was in China, but I find medical is not convenient in Australia. However, the clinic that UWAI recommended did not require me to… Continue reading >

UWAI User (John*)

I find it a great App after I get to know UWAI more, I wish I knew this earlier. I will definitely try it out when I come back again.… Continue reading >