What is UWAI?

UWAI helps connect local businesses with Chinese tourists and visitors by translating and promoting your business before, during and after their journey.   When your QR Code is scanned, your customer goes directly to your profile in their language.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization  (UNWTO) estimates that spending from Chinese tourists overseas now represents 21% of the global tourism spending. Chinese traveller spends on average more per person per trip than tourists from any other country in the world.  “Tourism” impacts every aspect of an economy and is no longer limited to outdated perceptions of tourism being tours and activities. Education, product purchases, services exports, education exports, local food and beverage shops, supermarkets and retailers all benefit directly from international tourism.

Meet your new best customer

Meet 嫣然 (Yanran) and her daughter, 依依 (Yiyi).

Today they will spend 3 times more than your regular customers.

They, like millions of Chinese tourists, are choosing to travel on their own, searching for unique authentic experiences, quality products and memorable moments.

More importantly they search for businesses they can trust and communicate with.

$10.2 billion was spent by Chinese tourists & visitors, like Yanran, in Australia over the past 12 months.

Don’t let them pass you by.

Get Chinese ready with UWAI, and meet your new best customers.

How it works

Uwai Smart Decal

At its most basic, UWAI collates, translates and publishes local business content into Chinese for Chinese tourists and visitors to easily access on their mobile phones and devices.

UWAI offers Basic, Premium and Enterprise subscriptions to make it easy to reach Chinese tourists.  These are simple to understand, flat annual fee products.

As part of your package you will received a UWAI Smart Decal with your own unique QR Code. Any mobile phone can scan this and your business information is instantly available in English and Chinese.  The language displayed is automatic based on your phone language settings.

Try it now!  Scan the QR Code to the left.  This specific code will direct you to  When you subscribe to one of our packages you will receive your own unique QR Code.  Your code when scanned will go directly to your profile.

You can add your unique QR Code to your own website, social media,  product lists, posters, promotions, printed menus or even on receipts and labels to make your business welcoming to someone who may not have the language skills or confidence to speak English.

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Get started today by comparing our plans below.

UWAI packages allow you to get started today. Everything you need to reach and engage with the Chinese tourist and visitor market is included in the annual plans. Please click on the “compare” links below to see the packages features and benefits.



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