In 2016 Chinese spent USD$220 billion whilst travelling overseas, and this amount is predicted to increase to USD$450 billion in less than seven years. By 2034, the total number of outbound tourists from China is expected to hit 800 million per year. Ensuring Chinese tourists feel welcome and have a memorable time translates into more jobs, more investment education exports and more product evangelists for local businesses.

All entrepreneurs want to change the world, and the team at UWAI is no different. We have designed every aspect from the ground up to create a winning combination for Chinese tourists and local businesses alike. The team are experts in their fields, living in 7 countries and yet part of the UWAI community.

Our goals at UWAI are threefold:

  1. To ensure Chinese tourists have such a memorable experience whilst abroad that they come back again and again;
  2. To help local businesses easily be found by Chinese when they visit without having to become experts in Chinese marketing; and
  3. to provide new and valuable insights in order to nurture and grow this market long term.