April – UWAI News you should know

Sean’s Kitchen Digital Decal

How do I scan a Smart Decal?

Scanning is easy.  Try it now above:
1. If you have an iPhone, open the camera and hold it over the Smart Digital Decal. There will be a notification banner to open the listing.
2. If you have an Android phone, open the scanner and scan.
3. If you have WeChat or Alipay, tap the scanner icon.

Australia Growth Markets

The latest research by Deloitte shows tourists from China to Australia increased 12.2% year on year, with Chinese from Hong Kong up a whopping 13.8%.  An impressive growth.

With UWAI, your listings are in BOTH Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese which means no matter where Chinese come from, you are covered.

Australia’s fastest-growing tourist destination

Tasmania has seen overseas tourists spending grow by 90% in the last three years. In dollar terms, last year Chinese tourists alone contributed $10.4 billion to Tasmania’s economy. Their interest in this state started in 2013 when a Chinese model, Zhang Xinyu, posted a selfie with a teddy bear she bought in Tasmania. The next year Xi Jinping, the Chinese President, made a visit that created waves on Chinese social media.

While we can’t all get heads of state to promote our businesses, tech-savvy Chinese tourists are constantly researching while traveling abroad to make sure they maximize their time overseas. This is why when you list on UWAI we make your listing natively shareable and easily discoverable on WeChat (China’s Facebook).