Ashley and Max 小雪和老林

Ashley and Max family

When searching the travel guide for South Australia they found minimal information about Adelaide and out of date, we feel distressed about how to find information, UWAI appeared through searching and the UWAI app provides the most relevant data for different historical landmark and villages around South Australia, also the data are the unique information that supports us with the trip.

在做攻略的时候,我发现网络上针对南澳的攻略很少,并很容易就搜出游外的旅行信息, 并下载了APP。游外平台上提供了很多小众的景点的信息,包括各种小镇和小景点,几乎是网路上唯一的资料来源。

Ashley and Max family

Ashley and her husband Max are from Guangzhou, they are experienced travellers, having been to many countries. In 2018, they came to South Australia twice with their 2 kids. First in January and then in October.

We asked them why SA is their first return-visit destination, out of all other countries they visited.

Ashley said: “SA is like my second home. I feel comfortable and relaxed every time Max and I visit. The locals are always willing to help if needed.”

Max said: “From a travellers perspective, SA has fewer tourists and online travel guides available. This means that travellers have less of a preconceived idea about SA and enjoyed the true local experience. From a lifestyle perspective, SA will be my destination if I want to migrate, I want to give my family a quiet and comforable living environment.


为什么走遍世界上众多的国家,南澳是他们首个回访的旅行目的地呢?Ashley说:“南澳大利亚对我来说,更像是第二个家,每次来到这里,会感觉心里很踏实,当地人也永远会向你伸出援手!” Max说:“从旅行的角度来说,南澳是个游客相对少,网络上可参考的攻略也少的地方,也正是因为这些,会让你对未知的南澳充满期待和想象。在脑海里没有一套约定俗成的印象,你可以尽情感受当地风土人情。从生活居住上来说,南澳会是我最想移居生活的地方。