December – UWAI News you should know

Every Consumer has a Story

What better way to get to know Chinese consumers than to listen first hand to their stories?

Over the past couple months, we’ve been in close contact with travellers, eager to learn about what brings them to SA, their itinerary, highlights, lowlights and everything else in between. These raw insights uncover ways to better connect Chinese tourists to local businesses and ultimately create the best experience for both travellers and businesses.

Read their stories and follow their journey here.

The Bar Coaster

Here at UWAI we’re energised by creating innovative products that make it easier for Chinese visitors to engage with local businesses. The newest addition is the Bar Coaster!

Reaching travellers at varying points throughout their journey, whether it be point of sale or in this case point of drink, makes for an engaging and comforting experience. Upon scanning the QR code a translated food and drinks menu will show, allowing Chinese tourists to make informed menu choices and communicate with staff. Sounds like something useful for your business?

UWAI Bar Coasters