Ms. DU Xinyu 杜女士

DU Xinyu

Discovering UWAI is the most heart-warming moment during my Australian trip, people from UWAI are so nice… Thank you for what you are doing.

游外是我此次澳洲行最暖心的遇见,游外小哥哥小姐姐都很 nice… 感谢你们正在做的事!

DU Xinyu having Ice Cream

Ms Du and her husband just got married, they are from Hebei, China. Because they were busy at work and there were not many vacations, they would like to use their marriage vacation to explore a country with vast land and various attractions — that’s how Australia became their
honeymoon destination.

During the trip, they’ve been to Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, and the Northern Territory. They enjoyed their perfect honeymoon. After landing in Hobart, they picked up a car and started driving, the calm local life and the breathtaking sight made their most unforgeable experience.

The only downside is long-time driving is quite boring. Also they were a bit worried when they lost cell phone signal in the regional areas.

杜女士与先生是一对新婚夫妇,来自中国河北。因为平时工作忙,假期少,所以这次想利用婚假,选择一 个幅员辽阔,景色多样的国家。于是澳大利亚成为 了他们的蜜月旅行目的地。

在旅行期间,杜女士与先生游历了维多利亚,塔斯马尼亚,南澳大利亚以及北领地等多个地区,享受了一 份完美的蜜月之旅。

映像最深的经历是飞机抵达霍巴特后提车自驾,本地那种平静的生活和优美的景色让他们难以忘怀。 唯一的不足是开车久了实在有些无聊。另外在偏远地区的手机信号问题也会让人担心。