Frequently Asked Questions

The goal is to make every business more accessible to Chinese tourists and to help more Chinese tourists spend more money with even more local businesses.
UWAI is pronounced “you – why” in English and “yo (as in yogurt) – why” in Mandarin Chinese.
In Chinese, it means “travel abroad”. The Chinese characters are (游外 yóu wài).
UWAI takes your provided business information and translates it into Chinese. This content is then available for Chinese to access on any smartphone.
UWAI is looking to provide services to Chinese High Net Worth, Free Independent Travellers (FIT) who are already in South Australia.
A UWAI Smart Decal incorporates a QR code which is a readable image and when scanned by a smartphone camera will open a web page with information on that specific business. Every business on UWAI will have their own unique UWAI Smart Decal sent to them with instructions on how/where to affix it to a window or other prominent area
Please go to and join now. We are launching city by city and will let you know when we are available in your area.
Absolutely. The ultimate aim is to make every business “open for business”.
Yes. UWAI uses your phone language settings to determine what language you see when you scan our UWAI Smart Decal. So if your phone is in English, you can scan to see the English information.
For non-English speakers, the prospect of entering a business can be daunting. The UWAI Smart Decal identifies your business as “Chinese friendly” and helps break down the language and cultural barriers. It’s like putting up a “welcome” sign.

The UWAI Smart Decal is smart. It records the number of scans, the language of the person scanning, the information they viewed, the time, date and location. We will then pass this information back to you on your dashboard.

It is best to put your Smart Decal on the entrance of your business so Chinese tourists can find out more about you when they are passing your shop front.