February – UWAI News you should know

Help SA create 5,000 full time jobs

UWAI, pronounced “you-why”, means “Travel Abroad” in Chinese. UWAI is an “in-market” platform to help Chinese visitors find you.  If you are not fluent in English, getting around can be hard. By displaying the UWAI Smart Decal, Chinese visitors can immediately recognise your business as Chinese friendly.  They can scan and immediately get expertly translated information about your business. The UWAI Smart Decals can read by any smartphone so they don’t even need to download an App.  

Our goal is to attract more Chinese to South Australia, get them to spend more money with more local businesses and have such an outstanding experience that they want to come back.  Increasing the number of tourists and tourist spend by 5% each will ADD 5,000 FULL-TIME JOBS to South Australia in only 3 years (based on Tourism Research Australia). Helping Chinese tourists feel welcome is the first and most critical step.

Alipay, UnionPay, WePay

There is so much in the news lately about accepting Chinese payments.  The reality is that every Chinese tourist has one card: UnionPay. If your business accepts UnionPay, you have everything you need to engage with Chinese tourists and visitors. With over 4.9 billion cards in production, you only need this one so don’t worry about others just yet unless you have strong demand.

Why a UWAI Smart Decal?

Have you ever been to Paris and ended up at McDonald’s for dinner? Just seeing something familiar can mean the difference between someone coming into your business or not.  With 50% of Chinese saying that language is the biggest impediment to travel, a UWAI Smart Decal makes it easier to identify Chinese friendly places.

Chinese tourism set to boom

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) reported that in 2016 the combined spend by Chinese tourists surpassed USD 261 billion (21% of the world’s international tourism spending).  Being in the right language is essential, but that does not mean you have to change your identity. UWAI takes all the content you provide and translates this into both Chinese languages, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, as well as adding context to make it relevant to the Chinese tourist.

1.2 million Chinese tourists visit Cambodia, 9 million visit Thailand, and 6.4 million visit Japan.  1.3 million Chinese tourists visit Australia. Asian destinations have always been popular with Chinese tourists given the proximity and relative cost.  Asian countries are seen to be first movers in terms of opening their markets to Chinese tourists, making it easy for them to travel to and get around. While Australia’s tourism infrastructure improves, we need to actively encourage Chinese Free and Independent (FIT) visitors, who are high-spend customers that can immediately benefit our economy.