UWAI User (Helen*)

“Thank you for providing me the detailed information about tax refund. I feel much more clearer and I’ll be aware of that next time I shop.”

“谢谢你们和我解释了退税的细则还有 推荐给我退税的文章,这样我就明白了,下次买东西的时候会留意!”


Helen is originally from Shanghai, and she came to Adelaide to visit friends and family because her son is currently studying in Adelaide. She comes here every half year and always choose Singapore airline for her return flight that transit from Melbourne or Sydney because Chinese sign will appear in the airport and make her feel easy to adapt.

The most important things that made her choose Adelaide is because it’s easy to access and time zones are close.

居住在上海的张女士多次来澳旅行和探亲,儿子在阿德 读书,几乎每一年半都会来一次。她经常搭从新加坡航 空,在墨尔本或者悉尼转机,墨尔本机场有明确的中文 提示,出关都很方便,澳洲和国内也几乎没有时差。

*Real name was not used due to privacy