UWAI User (Jessica*)

I am very interested in trying distinct Australian food, but because of the lack of information on ‘Dianping’, UWAI became a super helpful tool to use and very convenient, I need it right now!


Jessica is from Ningxia, China. Initially, they had planned a 2 months trip and wish to travel all the way from Perth towards South or North Australia. This trip serviced two purposes first is leisure and visit wineries to find cooperation opportunities. Moreover they can gain more knowledge for the family business.

Referred to the ctrip consumer feedbacks there is no clear clue or traveller guide for SA, we did not find a clear plan of what to do in SA, the good thing about this is we always can adjust our plan the way through and be relax all the time. The travel trip can be defined follow the time.

When language was an issue we found it very useful having the UWAI platform when we ordered. Having the business information translated into our language made it really easy to order.

When arrived in Australia, passing West Perth and there are lots of anonymous villages, but when we tried to search online there were limited resources and information for us to refer to. There were even less things pop out when I tried to search the detail information in Chinese.

When came to the wineries, I found the brochure of driving guide with “UWAI” on it and I instantly scan the code on the last page lead me to follow the UWAI public WeChat then I contacted UWAI. They were really helpful and provided guidance during the rest of my travels

*Real name was not used due to privacy