UWAI User (Joanna*)

I do schedule health check-ups when I was in China, but I find medical is not convenient in Australia. However, the clinic that UWAI recommended did not require me to book in advance, which is very practical.

我在国内有做体检的习惯在这边发现医疗并不是很方便, 游外推荐的中文诊所不用排队,是非常实用的信息。

Joanna is an international student who studies Chemistry in Adelaide. She has been living in Adelaide for 4 years, this is her last semester, she will graduate from university in December 2019.

She has been to the Gold Coast and Cairns in a group tour, she said she’s too lazy to plan itinerary herself.

In general she feels her experience in Australia is good:

Stay — Hotels are not as good as she expected, she thinks in general Australia hotels are not well equipped.

Eat — She said she likes going to Chinese restaurants more, e.g. Szechuan Valley and Star House.

Transport — Transportation in Adelaide is not very convenient, there’s always a long waiting time.




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*Real name was not used due to privacy