July – UWAI News you should know

Chinese tourist lying in a hammock in front of a motorhome.

Chinese tourists discover the fun of motorhomes

Travelling in a motorhome (or recreational vehicle, ‘RV’) is common in more western cultures. However, for Chinese tourists, this is a new experience.

Surprisingly, (or perhaps not so, given the size of the Chinese tourist market), Chinese tourists have now become the second-largest recreational vehicle market in Australia. The ability for families to travel and stay together, exploring the country and connecting with nature, have been major drivers in this growing trend.

Whether within metropolitan, urban or more regional areas, Chinese tourists are forging ahead in seeking more authentic experiences, and in doing so, are transforming local businesses throughout South Australia.

Chinese travellers rely on mobiles when they travel

Results from Nielsen research show that as many as 65% of Chinese tourists use mobiles, compared to 11% for non-Chinese tourists. Making Chinese travellers ranked 2nd in the World in terms of time spent on smartphones. These travellers are using their smartphones to find locations to visit.

Make sure your customers understand you

See how easy just a simple instruction like “3,2,1 Bungee Jump” can be misunderstood when they don’t understand the local language. View the video here.

Providing information in the visitor’s local language can help non-English speakers understand what you are trying to say.