UWAI User (Melissa*)

“Thanks UWAI, I’ve got my digital copy of the ‘SA Driving Guide for Chinese-speaking Visitors’, I hope I’ll be able to visit you next time I’m in Adelaide so we can get a cup of coffee, my treat of course!”

“感谢游外哦!中文自驾手册我拿到电子版的了, 希望下次去阿德莱德,可以拜访你们,请你们喝 咖啡!”

Adelaide Zoo

Melissa is from Qingdao, province of Shandong, she is going to live in Adelaide with her family, the oldest of whom just finished sixth grade and will attend seventh grade there, along with the two younger ones who will attend elementary school. She has been to Australia several times before, visited cities in Victoria and NSW. The reason she chooses Adelaide is that her husband has some friends here, and furthermore she likes Adelaide more than the other cities she’s been to.

Previously, Melissa traveled to Australia, about 5-6 times in total, and all in all, it was around two months. Her English is quite limited, but she found as long as she put the key words right, locals had no problem understanding her. However, there’s one thing that’s been bothering her, she can’t find beers in the supermarkets, and doesn’t know where else to buy them. As an immigrant-to-be, Melissa says “I think all newcomers, notwithstanding the Chinese, will behave more conscientiously in their adopted country. For example, if I met an aboriginal who yelled at me, I would just ignore him and to avoid any trouble.

齐女士来自山东青岛,带着三个小孩要在阿德莱德上学,最大的孩子 是小学毕业,过来上初中,还有两个小孩子要读小小学一年级。来过澳 洲五六次,也去过维州和新南威尔士市。选择来阿德莱德学习和生活 的主要是原因是,是老公的朋友在阿德莱德,觉得有人照应,还有就是 去过其他的城市并不是很喜欢。


River Torrens

*Real name was not used due to privacy