UWAI User (Michelle*)

Thanks for the free SIM card and recharge! It is so helpful and I will definitely recommend UWAI to my visiting friends. Will check out UWAI in Rundle Mall next time!

感谢游外提供的免费SIM卡 和续充服务!游外对我非常 有帮助,我肯定会推荐它给 我访澳的朋友。下次去蓝道 购物街的时候,我会用一下 游外APP!

Michelle with friends

Michelle is aged between 30-40 years old, she travels between China and Australia frequently for her wine exporting business. Although there are some language barriers, she does enjoy the casual lifestyle of SA. She believes wine tasting in various wineries and travelling within SA are a part of her life. She think it would be perfect if there are more Chinese food options.

刘霞是一位30-40岁的女性,与老公频繁往返中国 与澳洲,做红酒进出口生意。虽然语言不通,但是喜欢南澳的生活,轻松悠闲,平 时考察一下酒庄,去不同的地方游玩 ,乐趣多多。如 果中餐厅的选择再多一点就完美啦!

*Real name was not used due to privacy