Ms. FENG Yingzun 冯迎尊

Ms. FENG Yingzun

Thanks for introducing UWAI to me, I don’t have to queue up to do tax refund any more. Australia is such a slow-paced, relaxed country. Thanks to the weather condition, Adelaide has various wine options, I will definitely come back again.

非常感谢你把 UWAI 介绍给我, 让我再也不用排长队退税了。澳大利亚真的是一个很悠闲,节奏很慢的国家。由于气候原因,阿德莱德的葡萄酒种类真的很多, 我会再来的。

Ms. FENG Yingzun snowboarding

Cecilia comes from Ningxia, China, She is a very outgoing and talkative girl who was born at the 90s. From the past, she has travelled to many countries from Southeast Asia to Europe. She is very fluent in English and communication was never a problem to her.

She expected to nd more opportunities in Australia for her family’s wine business. At the same time, she also wanted to explore the lifestyle of Australian cities, like Perth and Adelaide, with a road trip.

The ease of applying a Tourist visa, great natural view, interesting history, relaxing lifestyle, family-friendly environment and various sports options are the main reasons that attract Cecilia. She would love to visit Australia again.

Furthermore, many of her friends have migrated to Australia. As she sees it, Australia is a perfect country to migrate to for middle-class Chinese.

Through UWAI, Cecilia gets to understand tax refund details which saved her a lot of time. She finds information from UWAI are very helpful to tourists.

Cecilia 来自宁夏,是一名开朗乐观,非常健谈的90后女孩,曾广游欧洲与东南亚地区,英文水平很高,沟通不成问题。她为着国内家族的葡萄酒事业,来澳洲寻求商机与发展;同时也希望用自驾游的方式, 花较长的时间深入体验澳洲不同城市(如珀斯、阿德莱德等)的生活与风情。

旅游签证容易办,自然风光优美,历史有趣,生活浪漫,对家庭友好安 全,多样化的运动项目,是吸引Cecilia选择澳洲旅行的主要因素,她 也非常愿意再来澳洲。

此外,Cecilia有不少朋友都移民定居澳洲,在她看来,澳洲是一个适 合中产阶级的热门移民目的地。


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