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In Australia, no matter how far or how rural it is, toilets are always clean, and there is always toilet paper. I think the reason is people here have good manner and care for public equipment. I’m very impressed by South Australia, I will come back again.

在澳洲,无论多么偏远,人迹罕至 的公厕,都非常干净,都有厕纸,分 析原因,可能是国民素质高,大家 都注意清洁和爱护。对南澳的印象很好,会再来。


Nicole lives in Shanghai with her family. They have relatives in South Australia, so they decided to visit them during Chinese New Year.

They love Australia’s vast land and small population, much a livable country, compared to Shanghai’s crowdedness and depression.

The most unforgeable experience was seeing kangaroos and snakes in a national park in South Australia. They enjoy the harmony between human and animals. In the caravan park, they could do some fishing and have a barbecue with complete supporting facilities. It was a truly pleasant experience which they never experienced back in China.

The other reason they loved South Australia so much is population density, compare to other popular touristy places. They were able to take nice photos without disruption, they find this very attractive.

周太太和老公居住在上海,有亲戚在南澳,所以决定春节期间过 来探亲并旅游。


印象最深的是,自驾途中,在南澳的国家公园里,看到蛇和野生袋 鼠了,非常喜欢人与动物和谐相处的氛围。在房车营地,在旁边的 海边钓鱼,烧烤,烧烤点都配有很齐全的设施,自己只要稍作准备 就可以了,都是非常愉快的经历,在国内完全没有机会体验。

喜欢南澳的原因还有,人少,可以随心所欲的活动和拍照,这一点 是相较于其他热门目的地,非常吸引人的地方。

Nicole with an Emu

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