November – UWAI News you should know

What’s NEW at UWAI

UWAI launched a translated drivers guide to help Chinese travellers understand the Australian road rules. With the increase of Chinese visitors hiring vehicles allows them to explore more regional areas of South Australia.

With road rules being so different across the world we wanted to ensure road safety was a top priority for travelling tourists. The guide highlights keys differences such as keeping left, looking out for native animals such as Kangaroos as well as definitions of Australian road signs.

For this initial launch over 7,000 copies were distributed across the state to Visitor Information Centres, major hotel and tourists areas as well as the Adelaide Airport, which the first point of contact for travellers.

UWAI Drivers Guide

In conjunction with the launch of the driver’s guide, we also launched our coupons campaign. We discovered that one of the most common requests we receive from Chinese tourists is to provide a list of businesses with special promotions and discounts.

With the initial launch of the Coupon Channel, we reached out to a select group of existing UWAI customers. With a positive uptake of over 60 listings, these businesses are now 2 times more likely to engage with potential new customers.

If you are interested in the next phase of coupon rollouts please feel free to contact the UWAI Team to set up a quick meeting to discuss this great opportunity.

Tourists LOVE Australia

With an increase in flights by 22% from Chinese speaking destinations, reports have shown that over the past eight years Chinese visitors have been in double-digit increases.

According to The Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2010 the short-term visitors to Australia from mainland China was only 8% with New Zealand on top at 20%. Fast forward to 2018 and the table has turned, with mainland Chinese visitors on top at 16% and NZ at 15%. It is predicted that these number will increase in the next 5-10 years.

With increases like this, this is great news for local tourism as it will generate more jobs within the tourism sector, such as restaurants, hotels, and other tourist attractions.

Over a million stories read

Over the past month, the UWAI Consumer Engagement Team have been busy liaising with Chinese Tourists on various Chinese specific platforms, where we have had over 1.5 million impressions and over 1 million UWAI topics read just within a month! The travellers have been asking questions about Australia and what to expect when they arrive. The most common questions posted related to our Australian native animals. Proving our native animals are a big drawcard for Chinese Tourists.

Through such engagement, UWAI is becoming a trusted brand for Chinese travellers before even boarding the plane. When tourists see the UWAI Smart Decal in South Australian businesses, they feel safe and welcomed and more confident to explore.