UWAI User (Sarah*)

“Huge thanks to UWAI’s Stuart and his family, they gave us lots of useful local tips! I’ll send you my travel notes when I finished them, next time when I visit Australia, I’ll definitely use UWAI.”

“感谢你的同事Stuart一家人啊, 给我们很多有用的本地信息!等我写好游记,分享给你们!下次再去澳洲,我会用一下游外。”

Remarkable Rocks

Sarah is from Chengdu, province of Sichuan, her family recently traveled around Australia. They made their entry in Sydney, then went to Gold Coast, then Adelaide, from there they drove to Melbourne. Their first encounter with UWAI was in the “Lighting of the Christmas Tree” where they met Stuart and his family, after listening to Stuart’s wife, Yanran’s recommendation about the caravan park in the Grampians National Park, they decided to change their plan in Melbourne from 2 days to 3 days to accommodate new itineraries.

Gold Coast and Adelaide were their favorite cities during this journey. The theme parks in Gold Coast were very child-friendly and close to the beach, where they could play with their children; Adelaide is a cozy town, just like their hometown Chengdu, its size and ambiance make it perfect to stroll around. They started their self-driving tour in Adelaide: they used “zuzuche” to select their car rental, they then had their license translated and headed for Melbourne.

The most memorable experience in their journey to Australia was that they lost their way around the Gold Coast. Because it was on a relatively off-road place, she resorted to Hitchhiking and hoped that someone could take them, luckily an older Aussie stopped and took them to the destination. Sarah thinks that Australians are quite nice and friendly.

Sarah thinks that Australia is just like a vast countryside, and the Aussies really know how to enjoy life, and this is visible in their love of sports, and laid-back lifestyle.

刘女士来自四川成都,和老公带着两个小孩来澳洲玩。路线是悉尼入关,去黄金 海岸,再到阿德莱德,自驾去墨尔本。和游外的初次接触,是在阿德莱德的“圣诞 点灯仪式”上,遇到Stuart一家人。因为 Yanran 大力推荐了 Grampians National Park 里的房车公园,于是他们将安排好的墨尔本行程就做了大大的调 整,从2天的行程改到了3天。

其中,黄金海岸和阿德莱德是最喜欢的城市。黄金海岸的主题公园,特别适合小孩,而且靠近海边,可以带孩子玩水;阿德莱德是非常舒服的小城市,很像成都, 特别安逸,适合慢慢地逛。自驾之行,是从阿德莱德开始,在“租租车”APP上选了车,然后翻译了驾照,就提车了开去墨尔本。

在澳洲之行中,最难忘的经历是,在黄金海岸迷路了,由于是在比较偏的公路上, 她就手动拦车希望有人能载他们一程,竟然真的有一个澳洲老头把他们带去了目的地。刘女士觉得澳洲人还是很友好热情的。


*Real name was not used due to privacy