UWAI User (Steve*)

From your free SIM card campaign, I met and took interest in UWAI, but the 5-day validity of the SIM is a bit short for a long-term inhabitant like me, will definitely look out for your QR codes.


Royal Adelaide Show 2018

Steve is about to turn 60 years old, comes to Adelaide mainly to visit his daughter. He has been here 3-4 times, totaling 5-6 months. He lives in the suburb east of the city, where eight households in ten are Chinese families, a bit like a Chinese community, hence, it’s quite familiar to him because he can communicate in Chinese.

Steve’s daily life in Adelaide is shopping in the nearby Asian supermarket, go to the Central Market to buy food on weekends, browsing brochures form supermarkets every day, and going out on weekends when his daughter is available.

Steve had a nice memory in Adelaide, once he and his daughter were driving, and a tire exploded, but they didn’t realize it, another car overtook them, and the driver waved at them let them knew the situation, so they stopped and His daughter was ready to change the tires… When an older Australian saw this while driving, stopped and helped them change the tire. This experience moved the Wangs profoundly, they even sent out a Wechat moment (the Chinese equivalent of a Facebook post), “people in Adelaide is so friendly!”

Steve is typical of Chinese parents living in Australia between the ages of 50 and 60. They are particularly familiar with the discounted prices of various foods in the supermarket. When compared with the prices in China, they will sigh: “prices in Australia are actually quite modest, especially when you earn in Australian dollars and spend in Australian dollars. The prices of houses, cars, and daily consumption are similar to those in China, the quality is even better, not to mention safer!”

快60岁的王先生经常来阿德莱德探望女儿,来了三四次,加起来有5,6个月的时间。住在阿德莱德的 Magill 区,中国人比较多,十户里面八户是中国家庭,有点像中国社区,但是对王先生来说,还是蛮有亲切感的,可以用中文交流。




Rundle Mall’s Balls

*Real name was not used due to privacy