Ashley and Max 小雪和老林

When searching the travel guide for South Australia they found minimal information about Adelaide and out of date, we feel distressed about how to find information, UWAI appeared through searching… Continue reading >

Ms. DU Xinyu 杜女士

Discovering UWAI is the most heart-warming moment during my Australian trip, people from UWAI are so nice… Thank you for what you are doing. 游外是我此次澳洲行最暖心的遇见,游外小哥哥小姐姐都很 nice… 感谢你们正在做的事! Ms Du and… Continue reading >

Ms. FENG Yingzun 冯迎尊

Thanks for introducing UWAI to me, I don’t have to queue up to do tax refund any more. Australia is such a slow-paced, relaxed country. Thanks to the weather condition,… Continue reading >

UWAI User (Sarah*)

“Huge thanks to UWAI’s Stuart and his family, they gave us lots of useful local tips! I’ll send you my travel notes when I finished them, next time when I… Continue reading >

UWAI User (Emma*)

“Thanks for the SIM card, I could access internet for online translation when I’m outside.” “感谢你们提供的SIM卡,让我 出门的时候可以用翻译软件” Emma is a single mother and freelance writer from Guangxi province, China. This… Continue reading >

UWAI User (Joanna*)

I do schedule health check-ups when I was in China, but I find medical is not convenient in Australia. However, the clinic that UWAI recommended did not require me to… Continue reading >

UWAI User (John*)

I find it a great App after I get to know UWAI more, I wish I knew this earlier. I will definitely try it out when I come back again.… Continue reading >

UWAI User (Melissa*)

“Thanks UWAI, I’ve got my digital copy of the ‘SA Driving Guide for Chinese-speaking Visitors’, I hope I’ll be able to visit you next time I’m in Adelaide so we… Continue reading >

UWAI User (Steve*)

From your free SIM card campaign, I met and took interest in UWAI, but the 5-day validity of the SIM is a bit short for a long-term inhabitant like me,… Continue reading >

UWAI User (Helen*)

“Thank you for providing me the detailed information about tax refund. I feel much more clearer and I’ll be aware of that next time I shop.” “谢谢你们和我解释了退税的细则还有 推荐给我退税的文章,这样我就明白了,下次买东西的时候会留意!” Helen is… Continue reading >