Using UWAI QR Codes

In Asia there has been a resurgence in the use of QR Codes, predominantly driven by the massive growth in online e-commerce. In 2017, online e-commerce in China alone was USDS$5.5 trillion, more than fifty times that of the USA. QR Codes are here to stay and they provide a simple yet effective way to engage with your customers.

These square barcodes are used in their everyday life. From making purchases, finding information, to locating services and payments. UWAI uses this technology to easily make your business information available to Chinese tourists in their own language. You can maintain your own identity and authenticity without having to put signs up in Chinese.

Chinese visitors understand the importance of a QR code, here are a few examples on how you and can them work for your business.

Putting QR codes in your advertising – either online or offline – makes it incredibly easy for Chinese consumers to get more information about your business, by having your information in their local language. Whether you’re advertising at the airport, or in an in-flight magazine so you capture the inbound traveller, or even at your own venue to promote your happy hour specials, or have an online campaign targeting Chinese visitors, you will want to use a QR code.  By putting the UWAI Decal up in your shopfront, it immediately lets visitors know that they are welcome. Your decal QR Code is unique to your business and anyone can scan to see more information on your business.

Sean’s Kitchen QR Code at Adelaide Airport

You can also use QR codes for your in-house marketing material or displays, and there are a few different ways that this can work. For example if you are a winery and you have tasting notes or information about the wine. By displaying your UWAI QR code on tasting mats or display bottles would allow visitors to scan and get more information in their local language. The QR codes could link directly to the specific vintage with more in depth information about the product. By doing this you can avoid having written information in multiple languages, saving on printing costs. The information will be hosted on our digital platform, so it can make it easy for updates. It also bridges the language barrier and gives Chinese visitors information to enhance their experience in the way that is most comfortable and convenient to them – on their mobile device. By having it in one platform will allow visitors to share their experience via WeChat and help you bring in other potential visitors.

Don’t just stop there, say you’re a restaurant, hotel or shop. You can also have QR codes that link directly to products or menu items. Have your unique products listed so visitors can understand the product. Restaurants can have menus upload so there is no confusion on what they order.

QR Codes used in hotels