UWAI Transalation VS Machine Translation

Context is everything when translating text. Is the document an academic piece? A children’s book? A wine list? This is an important question that must be considered in order preserve the meaning of the text, yet can only be answered by human translators at this point in time.

What’s more is that automated translation tools don’t always posses the specific vocabulary required to translate niche or technical pieces, think wine listings, rare ingredients, or local lingo specific to a country such as ‘G’day’.

So there you have it, while machine translation is affordable and can communicate the subject matter, for important documents such as business collateral where it is imperative to get your message across as intended, human translators are second to none.

UWAI use an experienced team of human translators to translate your business information into Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Having a local translation team allows for the local business knowledge. So you can rest assured that your information is accurate and as intended for excited Chinese tourists to enjoy.